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NEO Price Climbs to $30 Again Thanks to 15% Gain Over Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency markets are seeing some healthy growth now that the Bitcoin Gold snapshot is well behind us. In fact, Bitcoin is perhaps the only major cryptocurrency to be struggling right now, which is not entirely surprising. Altcoins have been suppressed for some time now and they are finally mounting a comeback. The NEO price in particular is seeing major growth


The past week has not been all that kind to most alternative cryptocurrencies. All altcoins have been bleeding value left, right, and center, even though there was no real reason for that momentum. Then again, a lot of people wanted to partake in the Bitcoin Gold hard fork and ensure they would be eligible to receive BTG when the blockchain snapshot was taken.
That being said, those altcoins are certainly mounting a comeback right now. The NEO price is noting a particularly strong gain, which is to be expected after last week’s losses. NEO’s value has been fluctuating quite a bit over the past seven days, allowing traders to make some good money along the way.

More specifically, the NEO price has gone from US$31.50 to US$26 and back to US$30.63 over the course of seven days. It is good to see a return to over US$30 right now, as it represents a 12.34% gain in USD terms. It is also worth noting the NEO price regained 15.25% in value against Bitcoin itself, which further confirms the strong momentum in place right now. Rest assured these impressive gains will be met with some resistance along the way, as there are plenty of bagholders looking for an exit right now.

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