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hy my lovely fans

Here's am introducing you to a wonderful apps called Mcent browser. This app has almost the same features with chrome browser with plus equipped features that can't be found on other browser.

The most interesting part is that, the more you browse with it, you will be awarded with points which can be converted to airtime.

I think this is far fantastic and quite an opportunity for UFB members to at least get some rewards when using their browser when others popular browsers fails to make such opportunity to be available for their users.

How To Earn Free Airtime With Mcent?

Well, it is very simple and straight forward because you won't be required to do any other additional task not just then browsing with their browser instead of the other one which you've been using for so long.

Firstly, download the app right here

Now open and input your phone number, wait for some second for the verification code and then make use of it.

After doing this, you're now good to go... Just browse with it, the more you browse the more your points will be accumulated and then be added to your account to be use as airtime.

Tips To Boost Your Points

If you want effective way on how to accumulate more points when browsing with it, you just need to set Mcent as your default browser and you will notice that the point which you have been accumulating before will have 2x plus of point being collected. Refer other people with your referal link to earn commissions.

Here are quite some screenshot proof

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